Site visitors will find it even easier to shop on your websites with the new, smoother and slicker Sell on Facebook integration.

With this improvement, your clients' products can be effortlessly promoted on Facebook, increasing the number of people who see their products. This integration is also a great incentive for your clients to upgrade their eCommerce plan, as it’s exclusively available in stores with 100 products or more.

The New Facebook Shop: How it Works

The Sell on Facebook integration brings your store directly into the native Facebook Business Page Store. Visitors on Facebook will see store products just as they do in your site: with the same images, prices, descriptions, etc.

While visiting the Facebook Shop, users can share products on their timeline and with friends, save products by tagging them, or purchase products directly from the website. Visitors can also subscribe to the page, opening a channel for sending notifications whenever new products are added.

Going to Love This!

Integrating Facebook into your stores has so many benefits:

  • Millions of potential new shoppers: With all store products visible on Facebook, the number of potential shoppers increases with every product share or like.

  • Familiar interface: The Facebook Store is native, so it’s perfectly synced with Facebook. As for the product images and descriptions, they are exactly what you’ve uploaded to your site.

  • Completely responsive: This shop is perfectly adapted to mobile, desktop and tablet, so visitors will enjoy a fantastic experience on any device.

  • Automatic syncing: The Facebook shop syncs twice daily with your online shop. You can also sync it manually simply by clicking Sync products on the store page control panel.

This powerful selling features is only available for stores with 100 products or more