It’s been a couple of days since we released website comments, and the feedback has been incredible. In addition to hearing about huge reductions in the time it takes to review websites, we’ve also received super helpful feedback about the kinds of features that would make website comments even more useful, and how you guys are using it for:

  • Communication between team members

  • Getting feedback from clients as they review the site

  • Making notes while building the site

  • QA process

The open beta is now over so we want to take this opportunity to share with you how we’ve improved Site Comments since it was released.

Here are some of the features that have already been added, and a sneak peek of what we’ll be adding in the very near future:

Save time & eliminate confusion with this feature, which enables clients and team members to upload an image via a comment. If the comment is on a widget with an image (for example, an Image Slider or Gallery widget) the image can be replaced in a click by the team.



Stay on top of your site review process with webhooks notifications every time a comment is made or resolved.


Video Tutorial

Resolve Date Indication

Track what’s been resolved (and what hasn’t) with the resolve date indication. It appears whenever a comment is resolved and shows who resolved the comment, and when.  


Minimize Site Comments - Coming Soon

Prefer a clean screen while building and editing your websites? The minimize feature enables you to remove the Site Comments right bar while you’re working on sites and bring it back when you want to use it.

Remember: Clients won’t see the Site Comments bar at all until you add them via Client Permissions so they don't have this option.

Internal / Public Comments - Coming Soon

Control who sees comments with internal / public tags. Set the internal tag for private comments you only want team members to see and the public tag for comments you want clients to see.

Just getting started

Site Comments has only been live for a few months, but it’s already changing how people build, edit and review their sites. We’ve got more plans for the future, so stay tuned...