Working with clients on their website doesn't stop at the design. It includes having clients review their site and give feedback, and this can be a real pain point. That's why we're proud to present a new capability from Site Comments.

Site Comments is a game-changing collaboration tool that enables you and your clients to communicate directly on top of their sites for a faster, easier, clearer review process. 

With Site Comments, clients make comments as they review their site, directly on the site. You and your team can respond to these comments - and implement changes - all in the same place. Selected team members and clients are notified whenever a comment is made or resolved, so tracking changes are smooth and easy. The result: you build and go live with the sites your clients want easily and more quickly.

With Site Comments, client feedback is: 

  • All in one place: No need to collect comments sent via emails, phone, text messages, and handwritten notes.
  • Clear & accurate: Because comments are made directly on the site, they are easy to understand. Clients don't have to explain which element they want you to change - they simply leave their comment directly on it.
  • Fast & easy: By making the feedback process simple (no screenshots, no emails), clients are more likely to get back to you right away.
  • Quick to implement: Making changes is easier when you view all comments at the same time, and in one place.