With the improved All Posts widget, you can make blog posts more attractive and enticing, boosting blog traffic and engagement. The updated version has new layouts and greater text and image flexibility, giving you more control over how posts appear anywhere on your site.


Widget highlights

Image customizations

Draw attention to posts by customizing image size by device and adding hover effects.  


Full-text style controllers

With more control over how the post text looks, it’s easier to attract visitors’ attention. You can customize every text element, including blog title, post title, description and author name.


New & improved layouts

The new All Posts widget has four customizable layouts. Choose how many posts you want to show and the number of descriptive lines you want with each post. You can round the corners of each post and add a shadow. 

Some tips to keep in mind when customizing this widget 

  • Keep post titles more or less the same length as multiple posts are shown at once.
  • Choose great thumbnail images for your posts, as these are the images that appear in the All Posts widget. (Manage these images from the blog panel).
  • If your blog has lots of posts, considering tagging the posts. This enables you to sort the ones you want to display in this widget according to specific tags.