Short answer = No

Longer answer.... 

Facebook ads done well really requires a deep understanding of who your clients are .

 It's something that we as a business have looked at how we could offer many times and as yet we haven't found a way we could do it consistently, and affordably at high quality at a scale that's the #1 reason we don't offer it in the unlimited service.

What we can do in regards to Facebook Ads are... 

1. Facebook Ad Images 

As a Design Task, you can have us create images for the Facebook ads

2. Facebook Pixel Code 

As a Web Task, we can put the Tracking code for you on every page of your website or landing page, and configure the pages you need to be the conversion pixel with the correct on-page code. 

We won't, however, log in to your Facebook account and set up any ads, this is best done by yourself or a high paid consultant who is an expert at Facebook Marketing.